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A resource for the podcast equipment we use for MIW.

Microphones & Stuff

Rode Podmic – These are the microphones we use.  It’s a very good mic for the money.

Shure SM7B – This is the ‘Best’ microphone you can buy.  It is used by most profesionals for podcasting, but it comes at a steap price.

Pop Screen – This helps reduce popping noises that we naturally have as we speak. Technically, the Podmic has an internal one; however, we’ve found it helps to have a traditional foam one.

Desk Boom Stand – This is our primary stand and is attached to the desk top in our studio.  This is a very budget friendly model.

Mic Stand – We use this stand for our guest mic. It’s easy to set up on a table

Portable Mic Stand – Easy to travel with!


Headphones & their wires


Sony MDR-7506: My favorite studio headphones – classic and very comfortable.

Audio-Technica ATH -M30X: This is our 2nd choice for headphones.

Headphone splitter/amplifier – This takes the single output from the 2i2 and splits it 4 ways.  It allows up to 4 people to listen with studio headsets.

Patch Cable: This connects the Scarlett 2i2 (below) to headphone splitter.

The connectors and recorders


Cloudlifter CL-1 – This is an almost essential component with most microphones.  It basically boosts the line signal giving you a cleaner gain control. We use the CL-2 since we have 2 mics.

Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 – This is your data acquisition box that will allow you to interface with your computer via USB.

XLR Cables – These are needed to connect the microphones to inline amplifier and to DAC. If you have a Cloudlifiter, you will need 2 per microphone.  We use a small.


Foam panels – We used these when converting a small part of our basement into a recording studio. They were really easy to put up and look awesome!




If you’re reading this and have no idea what it means, feel free to contact Roger Pearson (roger@stratoscreativemarketing.com). He’ll either have the answers, find them for you or help you find someone who knows the answers! 🙂 

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