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Episode 115: Sowing the Seeds of a Dream Business ft. Jaems Brandon

In this episode, Julia interviews Jaems, owner of Once Upon a Christmas Tree Farm in Utah. Jaems discusses the challenges of starting a Christmas tree farm in a new climate, emphasizing the importance of authenticity and sharing both successes and failures on social media. She highlights the rewarding experience of seeing her dreams come to life, building a supportive community, and creating a unique farm experience for visitors.

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Episode 114: How to Curate Brand-Building Swag ft. Amanda Hoffman

This week, Julia interviews Amanda Hoffman, founder of Go To Market, a branded merchandise company. Amanda shares her passion for creating meaningful and purposeful merchandise that reflects a brand’s message and identity. She emphasizes the importance of choosing items that resonate with the audience and incorporating bold messages rather than simply slapping a logo on products.

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Episode 113: How Gen Z is Revolutionizing Entrepreneurship ft. Madi Baldwin

Julia interviews Madi Baldwin, founder of Gen Z Girlies podcast, discussing entrepreneurship, Gen Z’s unique traits, and effective marketing strategies toward younger generations. Madi emphasizes the importance of authenticity, hyper-personalization, and video content in social media marketing for Gen Z. She also highlights Gen Z’s resilience, creativity, and open-mindedness as key strengths, showcasing the generation’s determination in shaping the future of work and business.

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Episode 112: The Impact of Core Emotions in Marketing ft. Ericka Saurit

In this episode, Julia explores the influence of core emotions in business with guest Ericka, a former interior designer turned marketer. Ericka discusses her transition, highlighting the undervalued role of interior designers and the need for compelling storytelling. They delve into the E3 Storytelling Framework, emphasizing emotions like belonging and purpose and cautioning against manipulation in branding.

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Episode 108: The Art of Author Marketing ft. Karen Anderson

In this podcast episode, Karen Anderson, an Associate Publisher at Morgan James Publishing, shares her journey in the book industry and offers valuable insights for aspiring authors. Karen advocates for self-publishing and hybrid publishing models, highlighting effective marketing strategies, such as podcast appearances, leveraging traditional media, and giving books away to generate leads.

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Episode 106: Do You Need Swag? ft. Landon Wade

Julia chats with Landon Wade, Owner at Goodson Clothing & Supply Co., and they are talking about all things swag and merch—like whether or not those are even the right terms to use! Tune in to learn whether or not you’re ready to order promotional items, how to choose the right swag for your audience and business, and more.

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