Welcome to the Marketing in the Wild Podcast. I’m Julia from Stratos Creative Marketing, where we are obsessed with finding real-life, in-the-wild stories about business and marketing.

Guys, I have been tasked with getting some closing thoughts for the summer. And let me tell you, I’ve delayed this episode. I’m recording it literally the day that it is due to Carson, our producer. So that is how much I have put this off, because I don’t know what to say. Believe it or not, yours truly has nothing to say. There is nothing that I could say to follow all of these women and all of the advice and stories that they’ve given us. Whether or not you agree with me or not, these women, and myself have lived experiences where we have been made to feel like we are less than in the business world.

Just yesterday, I was at a networking event where the host was not kind. Or I shouldn’t say that; he was kind, but there was an element of respect missing. When he brought another woman up into the front, he compared her business to two gentlemen there, and it was a really uncomfortable situation. I do not believe he did this intentionally, but without realizing it, he was demeaning her business as compared to these other two gentlemen. I was irate, you guys. You can ask Roger. I came home fuming because I’ve been in too many scenarios where women are made to feel less than in the business world.

This event alone, I was one of three business owners in a room of 33 female business owners. And this is a problem; is we have women, we have other minority groups, we have people of color, all of these people are trying to enter in and be bold and brave, and there are people who are standing up against us saying, “Hey, you can’t pass.” Whether or not they’re verbally saying that or it’s just structures, that’s a whole different conversation for a whole different day. But that is why this series was important to me. I wanted to give a spotlight to women who are building businesses that sustain their families, that sustain communities, that sustain their clients. We’ve been everywhere. We’ve talked about charcuterie businesses, we’ve talked about nonprofits and social good businesses. We’ve talked about speech therapy businesses, all sorts of things. I mean, gosh, we even talked about beer soap! Who, before this summer, knew that was even a thing? Thank you, Elaine!

So we have been to so many places and heard so many stories from these women who are doing really, really cool things, and I really am so grateful that they gave us their time and their stories so that we could enjoy them and learn from them. I truly believe that anybody listening to these stories could make a connection in some regard. Whether it’s a founder’s story, or an origin story, realizing there’s so many similarities between those, realizing, hey, it’s hard to get your branding, hard to get your messaging figured out. We can relate to that too. Some of my personal highlights were Chelsea talking about joy. And everything has to be joyful and everything has to be fun, otherwise, why are we doing it? Personally, that is something that is really important to me. You can ask my team about that.

Another one was Camia talking about how we have to be authentic to ourselves, and how she’s really switched her business model to be more authentic to herself and what she wants. Realizing that sometimes being authentic to ourselves comes at a cost to some areas of our business, but we gain so much more in other areas.

Guys, I really do hope that this was a fruitful, fruitful summer for you, both in business, in your life. I also hope that these stories were really, really affirming to you and encouraging. One of my favorite things that I wanna say 70% of the people on our podcast this summer talked about was finding a community, whether it’s mentors or peers, or whatever it might be, finding a community of people that you can do business alongside. I count all of these women as part of my community now. I hope that you do too, that you support them, follow them, even if you’re not gonna buy from them, go give them some social media love. You know that’s my favorite kind of love. But I also hope that you have taken the time, and if you haven’t already, that you do take the time this fall to really invest in a community that is gonna support you, so that you can lift them up and they can lift you up.

Speaking of the fall, we’ve got a really great lineup for the fall. We’re gonna be talking to a couple guests about swag. Guys, I’m excited about these. We’re also talking to somebody about niching down, which I know is a hot topic in some areas. Also, is it niche or niche? He actually answers that question for us. But I am excited because I’m talking to people and they’re changing my mind on things. I’ve never been a person who was a swag person, and now I think I’ve been converted. I’ve never wanted to niche down, and you guys will just have to hear a little bit more in that episode. It basically turned into a business therapy session for yours truly.

Anyway, we’ll be back with our regular programming this fall, where we’re gonna be talking with guests, we’re gonna be talking solo episodes, giving you some advice. We’re also gonna have some behind the scenes of how Stratos does their marketing too. I’m hoping it’ll be a great fall. Maybe not as good as the summer series, because I think that summer series will always have a really, really important place in my heart, but this fall will be good too. With that said, I am going to sign off, and I will be back in your earbuds next week.

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